In Person Training

Who Attends

For those who prefer more personal interaction with Attorney Mitchell Davis, we also offer in person Sexual Harassment Prevention workshops that incorporate Abusive Conduct-Bullying Prevention training.  Workshops are typically attended by supervisors, managers, officers, and human resources personnel.

At our in person training workshops, participants receive clear information of what conduct constitutes Sexual Harassment and Abusive-Bullying Conduct. Employers are encouraged to train their non-supervisory employees as well, so that there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind what constitutes Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct-Bullying Conduct and what types of conduct will not be tolerated in the workplace.

Training Format

Workshop content includes story telling of actual cases, a slide show featuring cartoon and human characters demonstrating examples of Sexual Harassment, Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination/Harassment, and Abusive Conduct-Bullying behavior.  Information onretaliation, prevention / corrective measures, investigation techniques, and remedies available to victims of Sexual Harassment and/or Abusive Conduct/Bullying is also presented.

An interactive question and answer exchange occurs between participants and the trainer. The workshops are educational and entertaining, without using complicated and boring “legalese.” Workshops are 2 hours in length.

Workshop Size

Workshops are generally limited to approximately 30 participants to ensure a focused, interactive dialogue between the participants and the trainer. Some of our clients request customized workshops for smaller or larger groups.

Workshop Locations

Workshops can be presented in your conference facility, break room, or at an off-site facility. We train in all 50 states and US Territories.

Mitchell Consulting Makes Sexual Harassment Prevention Simple.

For additional information and pricing on our In Person Training, feel free to call or email us anytime.