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For those who prefer more personal interaction with Attorney Mitchell Davis,  we offer in person workshop training.  Typically attended by supervisors, managers, officers, and human resources personnel, our workshops explain what the current State and Federal laws are and how to easily comply with them to avoid costly Sexual Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination claims.  Employers are encouraged to train their non-supervisory employees as well, so that there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind what constitutes Sexual Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination and what types of conduct will not be tolerated in the workplace.


Workshop content includes story telling of actual cases, a “cartoon” slide show featuring examples of Sexual Harassment, retaliation, and Unlawful Discrimination, prevention and correction information, investigation techniques, remedies available to victims of Sexual Harassment and/or Unlawful Discrimination, and an interactive question and answer exchange between participants and the trainer. The workshops are educational and entertaining, without using complicated and boring “legalese.” Workshops exceed all of the requirements mandated by the new Government Code Section 12950.1 (AB 1825) and are 2 hours in length.


Workshops are generally limited to approximately 30 participants to ensure a focused, interactive dialogue between the participants and the trainers. Some of our clients request customized workshops for smaller or larger groups.


Se habla español. Workshops are conducted solely in Spanish for monolingual Spanish-speaking employees.


Workshops can be presented in your conference facility, break room, or at an off-site facility. We train in both Northern and Southern California.


Each workshop participant will receive the following two handouts, produced by the Department of Fair Employment & Housing, titled, “Sexual Harassment Is Forbidden By Law” and “Discrimination Is Against The Law.” Participants will also receive their company’s Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Each participant will sign an “Employee Training Acknowledgment Form” that acknowledges he or she has received Sexual Harassment Training and has received the Employer’s Harassment Policy.
We will supply the handouts to participants and will produce a written Sexual Harassment Policy for firms to implement if they currently do not have a written policy in place.

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To schedule or obtain additional information about our in-person workshop training for your company, feel free to call or email us anytime.


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Multi-state Interactive Online Sexual Harassment Training in English or Spanish by Attorney Specializing in California Mandatory Training & Education (for Northern and Southern California).  AB 1825 (AB1825). Law Library includes current sexual harasssment Federal cases and California and Federal statutes.

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